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  • Robert J. Dixon

A Strong Foundation for Mental Health!

It has been estimated by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) that 1 in 5 children in the US suffer from a serious mental, emotional or behavioral disorder (e.g., anxiety, depression ADHD) and yet fewer than 20% are seen by a qualified mental health provider. This was before the pandemic. Now, it is estimated that many students schools and young adults in college will suffer more mental health angst as they navigate remote learning and public health mandates (e.g., masks, social distancing). This increased prevalence of concerns comes with a heavy price as those who suffer from mental health problems tend to be highly correlated with negative academic outcomes (e.g., poor grades, failed classes, drop-out). These outcomes lead to life long impacts including unemployment and underemployment. Tending to our mental health early should be a common component of all education endeavors because you can't learn unless you feel safe and secure in your environment and in your own skin. Mental health providers can help with exploring some of the concerns and developing active and positive coping strategies to promote mental wellness, thereby improving academic and employment outcomes.

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